Day #2 at Fringe Festival Praha

Yay! We just completed our first performance at the Prague Fringe!

Cast member Amy would happily like to report that we didn’t suck! Yippee. Well, we’re in a sort of post-show euphoria – sponsored by Budvar and Staropramen. This is a city where beer is (un)fortunately cheaper than espresso.

We met some new faces in our lovely cosy venue (Divadlo Na Pradle – kavarna) and some old faces from Glasgow (mainly Stewart and Lisa). Our lovely venue technician Ruth is from Britain as are most of the Fringe staff. It’s an ex-pats paradise – so unbelievably welcoming! If you are anywhere near Prague, get here right now. We are going to take it easy tonight with some quiet beers in the flat and some food, but tomorrow we are going to CZECH (sorry!) out the Fringe Club tomorrow.


We are heading out on a walking tour tomorrow and visiting the sights over the course of the week as well as taking part in the friendliest Fringe in the world.

More soon!!

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