Putting Words in my Mouth (Prague Fringe)

29th May – 1st June 2013 at 7pm

Divadlo Na Prádle – Kavárna, Besední 3, Praha 1


We are taking our play Putting Words in my Mouth to the Prague Fringe Festival 2013. The project is an excellent opportunity for a young Scottish theatre company to present new work on an international stage and forge links with other theatre practitioners.

The play explores our relationships with food and how interconnected these choices are with our identities. We also choose to address the wider ramifications of ethical food decisions in a globalised world. What does it mean to give up certain foods? How do we deal with contradiction of wanting to bring children into the world while also considering our collective responsibilities to one another?

“opens up rich seams of childhood memory, family history, ethical debate and political thought…” 
**** Scotsman **** The Glasgow Herald

We have been working with actors Ciara Clifford, Amy Conway and Sam Gregson to create a character-led exploration that address the themes of ethics, food crises and overpopulation. Based on a text and work-in-progress developed as part of ArchesLive! 2011,we are devising narratives and a full scale production that will be shared at the Tron, Glasgow, and Prague. We hope to open up dialogues about the future and what individuals need to consider in order to create a sustainable future. In the work, the audience share several dinners with the actors as they consider what their responsibilites as global citizens.

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