Day #3 at the @praguefringe!

Well, well, well – another day, another show! We’re really soaking up the festival spirit and cannot emphasise how friendly this Fringe is! We’ve seen Baitman and Il Concerto – both at Divaldo Inspirace in the evenings. There is such a wealth of interesting talent around – we are so honoured to be here. You know when you’re in good company.

The Festival Club is a epic dancefloor (which at points Nina, Philippa and Amy had to themselves, and used to great effect) and cheap beer. It’s where everyone collects and discusses the events of the day. The Festival staff are on hand and the directors mingle with the artists. Everyone is passionate about their show, but no one is chewing your ear off, like other Fringes we know. It’s the work that’s important not the reviews – and that’s what it should all be about!

During the day, we’re exploring the city. Amy and Sam have taken in the Kampa Museum, while Ciara soaked up some epic Slavic art at the Veletržní palác by Alfons Mucha. Katherine and Nina have been on a walking tour and got the tour guide to plug our show! Yay!

Prague is so beautiful – walking over the Karlův most (Charles Bridge) at 4am this morning after a long day. Perfect.


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