Podcast: The Makeshift Broadcast #1

Listen to the podcast here.

Since it was our first podcast, we brought you a range of performances on the subject of Beginnings.

Presented by Katherine Nesbitt

Produced and recorded by Dave Gillies and Nina Doherty

Live music and foley from Matt Regan

Feet by Philippa Mannion
directed by Katherine Nesbitt

Cast List
Steve/Doctor: Tommy Herbert
Jack: Alan MacKenzie
Lainy/Paramedic 1: Amy Conway
Paramedic 2/Waitress/Psychatrist: Ishbel McFarlane

Spring Cleaning by Amy Wilson
performed by Ishbel McFarlane

Audiobiography from Victoria Beesley, Artistic Director of Terra Incognita. You can get more information about As I See It here.

At the end of the night we asked our audience members to share with us stories, thoughts and memories they had of star gazing and the night sky as we begin to develop ideas for a new project on astronomy.

What is your earliest memory of star gazing?
How did/does it make you feel?
How does the night sky look different when you’re away from home – are you from a city or the countryside?
What do you think about when you look up at the stars?

We’d love to hear from you too (just a few thoughts/observations, not a short essay) – you can email us at makeshift.broadcast@gmail.com to let us know if you’d like to speak at one of our events or, alternatively, email us your thoughts. We’ll record these segments for future use in our research on this new project and include some of the stories shared in our podcast of the night.

This podcast was recorded at Broadcast, 427 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3LG on 17th September from 8pm and is available online at Mixcloud.

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