The Company of Wolves:

“In the spirit of the radio play that first aired this version of Angela Carter’s story, we are invited to wear blindfolds.

Props were minimal – this was living radio’ after all – and the acting space a strip between seating, but this didn’t cramp a fine visual style which complemented, but rarely overshadowed, the text. It ended with [Stefanie] Ritch asleep in the arms of the bemused Werewolf who now occupied Granny’s armchair – and audiences, blindfolded or not, applauding nicely crafted storytelling.” – Mary Brennan

(Un)Known Unknowns:


“And in the Playroom, young artist Philippa Mannion offers Unknown Unknowns, an interesting and sharp-witted work-in-progress about the bourgeois psychology of “doing something” about climate change, with the help of a bath gradually filled to overflowing by a young woman narrator, and two male co-performers.” – Joyce McMillan

Putting Words in My Mouth:


“Like any serious consideration of food culture, this short show…opens up rich seams of childhood memory, family history, ethical debate and political thought…” – Joyce McMillan

“a gentle, affable and unexpectedly moving performance Putting Words in my Mouth takes the familiar territory of food as an adjunct to memory and cooks it into a wise reflection on parenting, relationships and growing up… It’s a tasty dish, that stew, with its genial unhurried delivery of home truths and home cooking.” – Mary Brennan

When The Rain Stops Falling:


 “…but both Katherine Nesbitt’s fine, forceful production – with its running motif of umbrellas used as signposts to dates and places – and Bovell’s stunning text, approach it with a poetic energy and eloquence that completely grip the attention.” – Joyce McMillan

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