The Company of Wolves

The Company of Wolves is the oldest show in Makeshift Broadcast’s repertoire and has had three different incarnations.  The first of its two open performances was at the Arches, Glasgow in May 2009, then it was shared as part of the PILOT event at the Edinburgh Festival in Bristo Hall at the Forest Cafe, August 2011.

It is a live staging of a radio play with the mechanics exposed to the audience, who are invited to wear blindfolds for any or all of the performance.  Performed in traverse, live sound effects (foley) are created behind the audience to give the impression of being performed in stereo.  It is an intimate show which plays to 20-30 audience members, allowing the company to immerse the audience in the audio experience.

We think there is much potential in the show and we’re continuing to work with it. If you like the sound of the work and would be interested in working with us, please email at

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The Company of Wolves at the Arches

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