(Un)Known Unknowns

Part of New Works New Worlds 2010 at the Arches, Glasgow

This was a work-in-progress around the theme of geo-engineering and using technology to combat/cope with climate change. It offered an insight into the personal and collective challenges of climate change, focusing on the darker sides of the future. It questioned whether new technologies can bring us a sense of hope in the devastation of global climatic change.  The three performers filled a bath to overflowing with buckets of water throughout the play, a visual representation of our misuse of resources.

This production ignited our interest in tackling global issues, such as climate change and overconsumption. If you are interested in hearing more about our ideas and to see photographs from the production, please email: makeshift.broadcast@gmail.com.

Review of (Un)Known Unknowns in the Scotsman

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