Putting Words in My Mouth (Arches Live!)

The Arches, Glasgow
Sept – Oct 2011


Food, family and memory: three concepts that are all connected. Connected around the dinner table, in the back garden, in the park with friends and at every family occasion.
What happens if we change our eating habits? Does this change our memories? Is forgetting certain tastes a positive loss we should embrace? As we delve into the ethics of our decisions about food, we explore what it means to give up certain foods and how we might have given up some memories on the way. A play exploring why we eat what we eat, and how this shapes us. Bring your tastebuds.


Ciara Clifford
Amy Conway
Samuel Keefe
Julie Tsang

Writer/Director: Philippa Mannion
Stage Manager: Nina Doherty
Assistant Director: Simon Gwynn
Assistant Stage Manager: Caeley Elcock
Lighting Design: Tamsyn Mackay
Producer: Katherine Nesbitt

We have redeveloped Putting Words in my Mouth for the Prague Fringe Festival 2013. Find out more information about our remount of the production here.

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