Bright Sky Park – development begins



Last week we had the honour and pleasure of getting to work on our latest project, Bright Sky Park, kindly supported by the Old Vic New Voices StartUps fund for new companies. Bright Sky Park is an idea which has existed in some shape or form in our minds for a little over a year now and it was incredibly exciting to get together in a room with some frankly brilliant and open minds to turn those little flashes of ideas into something more concrete and clear than we had expected going in. This is due in large to Matt Collings (compser) and Rhys Paterson and Daniel Williams (astrophysicists and resident astronomy experts in this development week) from the University of Glasgow School of Physics and Astronomy and their willingness to share information and ideas. This is an entirely new venture for Makeshift Broadcast and we’re very exciting about the potential for where it can go next. The next step for us as a company is to develop a strategy for getting funding and support to turn what is currently a brilliant idea on paper into an entertaining and educational reality.

We have come out of this development period with a very clear idea of how an outdoor, night time audio experience of astronomy will work in urban Glasgow with the challenge of light pollution, and of how that piece will be structured. We look forward to telling you more about it as soon as we can.

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