Philippa scratches at Battersea Arts Centre

Our Artistic Associate Philippa Mannion had a chance to present a 10 minute work-in-progress of her new solo show Gag Reflex at Battersea Arts Centre, London in February 2014.

The play explores female sexuality, social anxiety and nausea. It was a rewarding yet scary experience presenting the work to an audience and receiving immediate feedback on what I had created. 

There are works which celebrate the relief of being out, and less optimistic stories of gay relationships ripped apart by doubt, denial or hate. They all go to encourage us to love ourselves for who we are.  I admire this greatly, but Gag Reflex explores the idea of being in limbo, of questioning and attempting to accept oneself. 

I was lucky enough to have friends and family come and support me with these first steps of making a show. 

I’m hoping that Gag Reflex will be ready for full production in early 2015. 


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