When plans begin to come together

I’m at that point in the development, rehearsal and fundraising for this show that I’m starting to feel like it’s really real. And I’m beginning to get quite excited and feel quite proud of us (it’s early doors yet but it never hurts!) From applying to the Prague Fringe in September last year to building towards our fundraising target with two months to go, I feel really proud of the whole team of actors and production crew whose belief in the project is why we are where we are right now. The play is really shaping up and the characters are becoming clear. We have a wealth of generous friends who regularly attend our fundraising events to whom we are eternally grateful, and have some business sponsorship in the pipeline.

We’re only wee, but our ambitions for this project have always been really big and that they’re starting to be realised is really exciting for us as a company. I’m sure we’re going to make many interesting new friends and potential collaborators on our trip to Prague, which will only help us keep growing as a company.  Over the coming few weeks, we’ll be sorting out a website for the production to keep you up to date on all developments.

With love,


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