Bright Sky Park

Bright Sky Park will be a walking audio tour compiled for Glasgow park spaces to encourage the public to look up and experience the stars. We will explore our contribution to astronomy, what we used to think about the stars and how light pollution inhibits our viewing of the night sky in cities. It will be made for the community and contributed to by a wide cross-section of the Glasgow communities through workshops to gather their stories and encourage them to think about the sky above them.

Your story can be part of Bright Sky Park, just follow the instructions below:

We’d like to have as many stories share with us as possible, including thoughts and memories anyone has of star gazing and the night sky as we begin to develop ideas for a new project on astronomy. We intend to create an archive of personal stories which will make up the audio tour for the show and which will be played to all audience members.

Some prompts to help you contribute a memory or story:

What is your earliest memory of star gazing? How did/does it make you feel?
How does the night sky look different when you’re away from home – are you from a city or the countryside?
What do you think about when you look up at the stars?

We’d love to hear from you for a short contribution – you can drop us an email at with your written story and we can find an actor to record it for you. You can also record your story yourself and email it to us at the same address. You needn’t record more than a minute of audio or write more than a few lines. Makeshift Broadcast reserves the right to edit the length of any contribution.



By sending an MP3 to us, you hereby agree to the following Release and Consent Terms:

I consent to allow Makeshift Broadcast (the Company) to use recordings of you for broadcast and non-broadcast distribution.

I hereby release the Company from any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action of every name and nature which I might have against them as a result of this broadcast.

I understand that I will be kept up to date with any and all of the Company’s intentions regarding my contribution(s), and will be allowed the opportunity, on request, to review the programme before broadcast.

I fully understand that no payments are due me.





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