Band Night @ Broadcast, Glasgow

Broadcast, Sauchiehall St, Glasgow
Thursday 15 January, 8pm

Looking for something to shake off those January blues? An evening of new music. From the genre- hopping theatrical odyssey glam-pop-electro-folk of SCUNNER to the energetic yet ambient rhythms and harmonies of FEATHERWEST to the atmospheric OLIFANT COLLECTIVE via the folk rock sounds of SLOTH METROPOLIS, Makeshift Broadcast bring you some of the best musicians Glasgow has to offer.

LINE UP: FEATHERWEST – a four piece of experienced performers set to make their debut this autumn with their single People In The Station followed by two more single releases and an EP by the end of Jan 2015 on Giant Giant Music. Their sound is energetic yet ambient with big bass and sub tones for a modern live impact coupled with deft rhythms, spacious guitars and sweet male/female harmonies.

SLOTH METROPOLIS – A progressive-folk-rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. They formed in the hazy summer of 2012 and have been making music ever since. Their DIY debut EP “Departure” was released in July 2013 as “pay what you want” download.

SCUNNER – Based in Glasgow, Scotland, SCUNNER are bestcategorised as ‘Post-Glam Cabaret Stagecore’. Fronted by Paul Puppet assisted by The Lunatic Engineer on Guitar and Keyboard, SCUNNER were supported by random Scunnerettes, including percussionists Rowan and Biz,(who replaced The Urban Fairy), and pleasant plucker Mrjonthehat (Bass and Banjo), throughout 2006/2007, until a more permanent line up involving Andy Red on drums, and J J Mills on electric bass and keyboard was established.

OLIFANT COLLECTIVE – The collaborative musical project of Thomas Brumby, which draws together a changing selection of other musicians and artists based in Glasgow. Newly formed in late 2013, they played their debut performance at the Glasgow School of Art. The music is a mixture of electronics, voices and acoustic instruments that attempts to create atmospheric and evocative sounds and songs.

We’re raising money for When The Rain Stops Falling at the Tron Theatre – but we promise it won’t feel like a fundraiser. Don’t miss out on the fun, dancing and music. More event updates here. Tickets – £5 (£4 students)



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