The Christmas Podcast

The Makeshift Broadcast #2 was recorded this week at The Old Hairdresser’s on the 10th December 2014 at 8pm.

It was another evening of plays, poems, music and everything in between!

We asked the audience for their new year’s resolutions in exchange for mince pies. You’ll have to wait for the recording release to see what’s everyone hopes and aspirations for the new year are!

Contributions from Linda Duncan McLaughlin, Andrew Jones, Sabrina Chap and Annie Crabtree. Performances from Dean Callahan, Euan Cuthbertson, Amy Conway and Caeley Elcock.

Presented by Katherine Nesbitt
Produced by Nina Doherty and Dave Gilles

If you haven’t already heard it, make sure you listen to The Makeshift Broadcast #1

Technical support for The Makeshift Broadcast is made possible by Arts Trust Scotland.

See you in March 2015!

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