Too soon to talk about 2014?

We’ve been pretty busy at the offices of Makeshift Broadcast. We’ve sent several very large funding applications to Creative Scotland and other small trusts and foundations – fingers and toes crossed for us, please! These are all looking forward to 2014. In difficult financial times, it is even more crucial to be onto of top of the budgets of the company. Soon Nina will be implementing a wall chart so that we can keep on top of all our busy schedules and commitments.

Katherine and Nina been having a dive into the world of plays – reading for our next theatrical venture! Keep your eyes peeled for auditions and more news about a new production coming to Glasgow pretty soon. Katherine’s also managed to find the time to continue her work with Magnetic North as an Assistant Director and help out with the most recent Theatre Uncut season in The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow.

Philippa has been working hard in London. She’s on placement with Actors Touring Company who produced ‘The Events’ at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, before touring the UK, Vienna, Norway, USA. Thank goodness for Skype so that she doesn’t miss our regular company meeting.

It does appear all quiet on the Makeshift front as the nights draw in, but 2014 appears to be a year that we will do bigger and better things as a small company. Thank you for all your support so far.

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