You may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet of late …

We thought it was about time to do an update and let you all know what’s been happening. After our Five Minute Theatre, ‘Bike’ in response to the ‘Protest’ brief, things have changed a lot at MSBC HQ. Katherine has been doing some assisting work and volunteering with the Scottish Refugee Council as well as producing her own Five Minute Theatre with Michael McIntyre (not the comedian), and organising a director’s script workshop. Nina has been promoted at work (woop woop!) so she’s been dedicating herself to her fundraising work, but is still involved in lots of theatre activities. And Philippa went down to London at the beginning of June to intern with Julie’s Bicycle (OUR HEROES) for the summer. She’s back now for the Fringe but heads down again in September to start a Masters in Writing for Performance at Goldsmiths – massive congratulations!

So what now for the Shifty Broads? Well, there’s seeing lots at the Fringe, being involved in Arches Live shows, and continuing to adapt Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. We feel that this adaptation is something we really want to take our time with, and something we can use our friend the Internet to help us with, sending drafts via e-mail and trying to make it work during a yearwith Philippa down south.

Please keep an eye on the website, Twitter and Facebook, and once things start making it to the surface we’ll update you.

Lots of love,
Katherine, Nina and Philippa


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