Buzzcut is upon us!

We’ve recently been holed up in the rehearsal room developing a scratch as part of the Buzzcut festival (more info:  We’ll be performing on Sunday at the Glue Factory at 1.45pm, and you can RSVP here:

Developing this scratch, entitled BIKE, was meant to be about exploring how theatre can be part of the debate on climate change – what difference can theatre make, and how.  It’s been an incredible learning experience for us all, and has made us really think about sustainability in our practice.  We’ve been writing and devising with three great actors – Ruth Cockshott, Catherine Elliot and Ciara Clifford – and we’re really excited to hear what people think of the scratch.

Check back on the website after the show, where we’ll be providing the programme online as well as some really useful links to environmental theatre resources.  We hope you’ll join in this discussion with us, and help us learn more about the possibilities for theatre in addressing climate change.

See you Sunday,

The MB Team x

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